Key To Life Counseling Center LLC 

Letter Keith D. Pontiflet BA, CAC III,  Executive Director 
Key To Life offers certified DWC instructors that provide quality sentenced and pre-sentenced DUI $20.00 Education classes and $25.00 Therapy groups .  We understand that most people may seek out less expensive treatment programs that offset the expenses that incur upon receiving a drug or alcohol offense.  Accountability is the key in our treatment modality.  We pride ourselves on having over 25yrs of experience in probation, parole, mental health and juvenile education and treatment to give our clients the maximum in quality education and treatment services.  Again we stress quality over quantity and our clients both past and present have thanked us for making their education and treatment a learning experience and not a punishment.  Key To Life thanks you for your patronage and looks forward to serving the surrounding communities in the coming years. 
Sincerely, Keith Pontiflet BA, CAC III, CIT   
Key To Life Counseling Center, 14231 East 4th Ave. Suite 370,
 Aurora, CO. 80011
 (303) 856-3485 Fax (303) 856-3175 
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